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Monday May 23, 2016 Town Hall

On Monday, May 23, 2016 the citizens of Walker County came together for our third meeting.  Over the past few months we have taken the concerns of our residents and put those concerns into action.  Here is an update on the third meeting.

The meeting was called to order by David Roden and he asked Pastor Steve Moss of Happy Valley Bible Believers Church to open.  Pastor Moss asked a member of his church to lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.

David Roden then gave a quick update from the previous meeting.  One of the largest requests was a Sheriff's Office Substation in the Rossville area.  Officer Bruce Coker spoke at that time about two possible locations.  Both of those locations are current businesses who are greatly interested and willing to aid with the substation.  We hope to have more information on the final location soon.

Bobby Teems from Teems and Teems Realty spoke on the effects on property values in the Rossville area.  His message was loud and clear...broken down homes lead to a lower property value.  He showed local amounts of homes sold and their value.   From 2007 to present, 632 homes in Rossville have sold for $50,000 or less.  In comparison, the number of homes sold for less than $50k in Fort Oglethorpe during that time was 42.

Brother Steve then gave an inspirational message asking everyone to play a part and pray.  Sharron Gregg told of how New Covenant had faced a potential break-in, but residents around the church saw the crime in action and called the police.  That my friends is what we are all about.  Working together to help each other and slow the crime in the area.  Finally, Pastor Dewayne Madaris from Union Avenue Baptist Church spoke with a message he said was already spoken by previous speakers.  His message was clear as well...churches post the meeting information in your newsletters and how using their phone list to get out the word on the town hall meetings to their members.

Jim Hill and Jon Hooper spoke on a discount being offered by an alarm system company to communities and is wireless.  Our new website address was given out as well.  Jon then spoke on setting up the Village Defense program in the Mountain View Estates Community and Jim quickly sent a test out on the system showing how quickly information could be sent to residents.  From the time Jim hit send the information arrived at other Mountain View Estates residents within five seconds.  That proved to many that Village Defense was well worth the time and effort.  Plus it's free.

Sheriff Steve Wilson spoke on his conversation with local apartment managers and the need for improved enforcement of policy issues.  Steve said that the city of Rossville was sending each incident report to the managers to address the issues with residents. 

Finally, David Roden asked those in attendance to watch for run-down properties.  He asked to take pictures of the blight and get it to him.  We, as a group would then approach codes enforcement was the information as a formal complaint must be registered before the codes office can take action. 

The next town hall meeting will be on August 25, 2016 at Union Avenue Baptist Church on Union Avenue off Wilson Road at 6:30 PM.  Mark it on your calendar and put a reminder in your smart phone.  Then be sure to ask a neighbor to come. 

It is your voice.  It is your community.  It is your choice to make a difference.


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