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Let's Light Up Wilson Road

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Let's Light Up Wilson Road

Over the past three years, the Wilson Road Neighborhood Group has worked to better the safety and quality of life for residents along Wilson Road in Walker County, Georgia based on the survey from the first meeting of the group.  Through the efforts of the group the intersection of Wilson Road and Glentana has been improved to allow better visibility for drivers. After years of trying to get a satellite office on the north end of the county the Walker County Sheriff’s Office opened a north office for residents and officers. And a push for clean-up of blighted buildings has been started.  WRNG has also has also hosted candidates forums before elections, gang and drug education meetings, and the Wilson Road Neighborhood Group hosted a discussion before the election on a sole commissioner vs. multi commissioners at Ridgeland High School.

For many who travel Wilson Road, the hazard of walking pedestrians is a daily concern.  Especially when traveling during night time hours. The question has been posed, “Why are there not street lights along Wilson Road?”  Good question. The Wilson Road Neighborhood Group has started an effort to do just that since Walker County is unable to pay for lighting it’s 600 miles of county roads. On Wilson Road at night you can hardly see a pedestrian until you are almost upon them in some locations. This could be a deadly encounter some night.

On Thursday, June 20th and Tuesday, July 16th at 6:30 PM each night, there will be community meetings to discuss this safety issue and gather information on how we can light Wilson Road from the state line to Happy Valley Road.  These meetings will take place at the Rossville Elementary School on Wilson Road. The public is invited.

Safety is a great concern as many residents walk to local convenience stores and businesses along Wilson Road.  Let’s come together and help improve Wilson Road for everyone. What is the cost for this Enhance Safety project- about a penny a day!

For information contact David Roden at 423-760-4819 or visit or visit our Face Book page.

Watch these Facebook videos of Wilson Road at night:
Our storm shelter was operational during the storms the week of April 3, 2017.  These storms gave the impression of severe damage and our residents were protected.  WDEF News 12 WDEF-TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee published a story about our community and our wonderful storm shelter.


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