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We are progressing toward "Lighting Wilson Road".  Community member Forrest Blakemore has the "Adopt-A-Pole" idea which the Wilson Road Neighborhood Group supports.

As you know the WRNG began the project to install LED street lights from the state line to Happy Valley Road.  Mr. Blakemore's idea of "Adopt-A-Pole" is along the line of the "Adopt-A-Highway" program.  

The "Adopt-A-Pole" program would collect donations from residents and businesses to pay for the program in place of a special tax district.  Each pole would be $125 per year and with an expectation of a five year contract would only be $625 per pole! With business and individual support the lights will be up and on.

Keep watching for upcoming meeting times and locations to learn the exciting details and help us "Adopt-A-Pole" with LED lights on Wilson Road.


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